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day 2 hell yes hell yes hell yes.

i'm feeling really good, this is very promising! mostly because this time i really don't have a huge goal date, and halloween is just kind of a goal date, not a specific someone i have to do this for, just myself. eeeeeeee maybe this will work!!

this kind of start is just WAY inspiring....i didn't expect to be in the 140s until next week, but LOOK AT MEEEEE.
the scale said 149.8 in just a freakin day. DRINK WATER PEOPLE, see what happens!? water weight bye bye.

i think my goal will be to be under 150 with my clothes on for friday's appointment. like 148, but 149 would be fine too, just under!

the best thing is that i am taking salsa dancing class, an actual hardcore one when they teach you stuff, two days a week...and once i start slimming up i will want to go out and dance in the evenings, adding wonderful exercise that will keep me motivated. maybe that's why i'm doing this, to not feel HUGE when i dance with all the guys in class. i want them to WANT to dance with me, not be like oh, that girl. although i'm not the fattest one in the class, shit i'm not even fat or anything, just big boned! hehe! i feel that my curves are sexy and if i didn't have them i'd lose all my sex appeal, who wants that, pshh. i think i'm entertaining to dance with to say the least, i am very comfortable with my dancing self at the moment, but it's going to get harder and i want to be READY!

woooooooooooooooooooo i have no more to say, gotta go do some work before bed.

--------------------OFFICIAL STUFF

Day 2 :)

day 2 | 2lbs [how is that possible....???] | 19/20

Food 2/2

wow i did amazing today!
all i had was:
-bar for breakfast- 140
-humbow for dinner- i can't find calorie amount for this ANYWHERE! i'm guessing...300 maybe, dunno.
-half a protein shake after my audition- 110

Water 2/2

oh. my. good. ness. i drank my weight in water today. dammmm. this is probably why i lost 2 pound in the last day- water weight! whatever, i'm stoked :) at this rate....halloween will be easy!

Exercise 2/2
TWO HOUR DANCE AUDITION BABY! IT WAS HARDCORE! ok i know i did horrible, but i didn't care and just freaked out and gave them my best and had a laugh :P it was a wonderful workout. i sprained my toe and back a little but not too badly.

Journaling/Posting 2/2

Daily Self Esteem Challenge 2/2
oh man. i just took a loooooong shower to make sure and relax my muscles. then i lotioned my feet because they were sooo tired from bare-foot dancing.

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