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day 3

Good evening. I am feeling nice and plump, lol.
Ok, not really. I'm actually really surprised at how much better I can feel is just 3 days! 
What the hell. That's insane. Inspiring as hell of coarse.I just hope it doesn't stop. Maybe my body is in some sort of shock or something! hah.
Anyhow, I splurged a bit today because I was sore and depressed. I'll try to figure out what I ate:

Morning/afternoon [good part of the day]
-typical nut bar that i have in the morning 140 cals
-fruit cup [around 100 cals? maybe more, not sure it wasn't too big]

then i got home at 6pm and had
-2 potstickers
-2 chocolate stick thing [170clas]
-fishy snacks a little bit
-a few creutons [we bought these amazing ones that you can eat like chips!]
-that vanilla thing with a cookie
-a little piece of meat and some lettuce

i know that looks like a lot but it was all tiny peices so it didn't feel like a lot.
still, this is my big problem at my house, eating lots of little shitty pieces of things :(
bottom heavy days....that is my new term for myself....not a good's better to spread out what you eat over ever 3 hours, or not eat so damn much all at once.
i just thank god i didnt have that ice cream, i was thinking about it.....phew! that's way too much, but i bet i was still under calories with the amount of exercise i did.

my muscles hurt SO BAD. holy crap. i can barely move. it's worst in my shin splits...can barely walk, also around my midriff for some reason.

oh i went shopping today too. i put some sexy halloween outfits on hold to try, which i will do tomorrow hopefully. they didn't have sexy nurse and i've never tried that one on and always wanted to just for kicks. i just think it would be funny if i ACTUALLY wore one of those, because i always make fun of people who wear them and they wouldn't be expecting me to. muahahaha. i think i should and go to some frat party, just because it's SO NOT ME, just to prove something to myself (ward off all the guys that try to get into my pants, but you gotta admit that's a confidence booster! why not!) and get pumped for this weight loss thing too. muahahaaa!
but i got this one tank top today that i put on and was in awe that i felt comfortable enough to buy it in order to actually wear it to dance class next time - that is my goal for tuesday, be able to wear that outfit to dance class with confidence. i've only wore loose crazy clothing, but i'm excited to be like BABAM look what i've been hiding all this time from you!! MUAHAHAH!!! i'm getting really comfortable in that class. Oh, I'm SO going dancing this week-end too, or whenever I can. CAN'T WAIT YAY!

ok i'm going to go read some more and start on my poster.

OFFICIAL STATS--------------
day 3

day 3 | 3.6lbs | 27/30

was 152.8
now 149.2 [although this was this morning and after all the crap i just ate probably went up....we'll see in the morning.]

Food 0/2

i had a wonderful first half of the day but then i got home and got really depressed and ate a lot of things randomly throughout the night, culminating in a french vanilla drink with a cookie that i just had. :(

Water 2/2

i'm getting good at this drinking thing

Exercise 2/2
i'm glad i have my 2 hour salsa class on t/th, that's an automatic 2 points. plus i was running all around campus. i am SO FREAKING SORE from yesterday, it's been a while since i was this sore. i'm hoping it goes away soon because i can barely move and just passed out because i was so tired and sore :(

Journaling/Posting 2/2
i know i'm a bit late but i had to take a phone call and was ready to post, it doesn't count!

Daily Self Esteem Challenge 2/2
been catching up on my book, i read a whole bunch. READ IT! it's called Ubik by Phillip K Dick who wrote the books Blade Runner and Minority Report were based on. He's a crazy mofo i tell you!
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