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catching up-day 6

soooooooo i'm just posting to catch up, this was form friday. a great day. i had an AMAZING time dancing.....AMAZING and didn't eat my hot dog that i talk about in this post...although instead i ate a bunch of other shitty things, but it was worth it for alomost 3 hours of dancing and drinking like 4 bottles of water.

day 6

day 6 | 4.2lbs | 53/60

was 152.8
now 148.6

Food 2/2

i did awesome today.
90 cal bar in the morning
35 cal POM white tea juice- what do you guys think of POM?
around 300 cals small cup of tomato basil soup with roll
25 cals a piece of tangerine
25 cals ? plum
475 so far

i will probably have a hot dog at the volleyball game i'm about to go to because that's tradition, but i've earned it!

Water 1/2

i've been doing ok today. the juice threw me off a bit. i wasn't thirsty because my mood and blah.

Exercise 2/2
So I just painted the walls for the remodel for about an hour which had me sweating, i'm going out salsa dancing tonight, so i'm going to burn a KAZILLION calories today! i'm so stoked, mostly for the hot dog i will eat with pride tonight hehehe

Journaling/Posting 2/2
here i am.

Daily Self Esteem Challenge 2/2

9/10 today, on a ROLL BABY!!!


OK SOOOOOO the big update is that one of my goals was to be under 150 at the doctors today with clothes on.
DUN DUN DUNNNNN i weighed 150.4 hahaha. Oh well, that's half a pound off. I'm pretty darn satisfied with that! She said I lost 5 pounds since my last weigh in too so that's pretty good. Can't weight (hahahah) to be HOTTTTAMUNGOUSSSSS


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