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today day 8

so i have to admit that i am nervous and scared for the 30th. that gives me 11 days. in 11 days it will be day 19 my other trial i was pretty fit by then but we will see. guh. i don't really care, this guy's actually an asshole...i mostly just want to rub in his face how damn good i look. i can do it i can do it. i hope! i wish he told me earlier, but then again, i started this a week ago so what better timing could i have had! i feel better already and am on a roll....he's not worth it if he doesn't accept my body and he's the one who will miss out anyway, cuz my curves are sexay oh yes. and whomever i marry will be a happy, happy, very happy man, that  i will make sure of. in all kinds of ways. :P time to go dance int he basement! it's almsot remodeled, we're putting in HARDWOOD FLOORS!!! so dancing will be good, i guess. maybe i'll have a salsa party! i can't wait to salsa more! maybe i'll go tomorrow.

day 8 | 4.2lbs | 64/80

was 152.8
now 148.6

[i'm not weighing myself today either...too scared...want to wake up with a fresh start tomorrow without getting down on myself]
this dude that i never thought would come to visit seattle is coming on october 30th. that means in 11 days i have to be AMAZING looking, he's the only guy ever who said something about my weight and i wanted to make sure and be really fit to rub it in his face when he came. it's funny that i started this plan for a goal of halloween without knowing he'd be here then, i guess it was some telepathic thing!! next week will be INSANE, I'M SO READY FOR THIS!

Food 0/2

so i really let go today. i'm ready to get back on track.

Water 1/2

i drank a lot but not really water. i'll catch up a bit after exercising in a bit here.

Exercise 2/2
so going to exercise after i do this, HARD. i was also painting the walls all day and my arms are sore.

Journaling/Posting 2/2
here i am.

Daily Self Esteem Challenge 2/2
just yes.

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