readingpirate (readingpirate) wrote,

day 9 from yesterday

day 9 | 4.0lbs | 70/90

was 152.8
now 148.8 (back up .2 i feel like i lost all my weight first 3 days and now it's not going any further down :( whyyy!!???)

Food 0/2

not good. i ate some carrots and a peice of orange all day...then at 6 my friend and i got SO hungry and went out to eat.....we ate a HUGE meal, even though it was super healthy, but we both felt we were about to explode. it would have been ok if i didn't come home and eat some ice cream and meat. what the hell.

it's too much pressure with my friend coming in 10's tooo much pressure! i don't know how to deal with it....i feel like i want to look perfect but in 10 days how perfect can you look, so i just feel like binging because he's a douchebag who doesn't deserve me stressing myself for him, but i have to keep reminding myself that i was ALREADY on the 28 day plan before i knew he was coming, i'm doing this for ME and he just happened to be coming, so need to use it as an extra i'm doing alright and i look's just too much pressure still....

Water 1/2

i actually drank a lot but could have had more

Exercise 1/2
i walked a lot today when i didn't have to. and just painted a whole bunch. so tired and sore today =[

Journaling/Posting 2/2
here i am.

Daily Self Esteem Challenge 2/2
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