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day 10 babies.

so it's weird because i had 85 points last 28 day plan on day 10 but i think i was just trying to stay motivated and not fucking up on the food and water part as much. i've been a little more strict this time i think. i also broke the past few days which didn't help. ummmmmm what else.....i can't wait to weigh in tomorrow, i've lost 2 pound more than before and i hope i can finally go down to 148 tomorrow. and 145 by the 30th when douchbag comes! muahah! he's going to ink his pants when he sees me.

day 10 | 4.0lbs | 80/100
[not bad....a B-, worse than i was doing before but lost way more weight already]

was 152.8
now 148.8 (not weighing in today, will weigh in tomorrow morning from a great day!)

Food 2/2
i am bombdiggity. today i ate:

-breakfast: a bite of bagel
-lunch: 2 handfuls of almonds
-snack: soy latte and 1/4th of a bagel
-dinner: some white chicken breast and a crab stick
~800-900 cals

i feel really really good today because this food was very well spread out and i didn't have ANYTHING extra.
i controlled myself and wasn't even hungry at all. i could have not even eaten anything, but i don't want to slow my metabolism down!
it helped not being home and being in an extremely great happens when i'm alone and thinking usually and not feeling yucky about my body, which has been a great trend. having a great set of classes and homework i love doing also helps. ya'll should try it!
sorry i'm so enthusiastic, although no, no i'm not. just spreadin the love.


Water 2/2

did drink a lot

Exercise 2/2
still sore but i had my salsa class in which i wore something skin tight for the first time all quarter. I was really self consious and didn't dance well because of this...but it was nice to start getting used to this. I just didn't expect my freaking hips to look HUGUNGOUS, although my waist looked tiny.
i am about to go do some abs and maybe some more exercising, i'm a bit tired from all the cleaning.

Journaling/Posting 2/2
here i am.

Daily Self Esteem Challenge 2/2
i went to an amazing presentation through the AIGA about these revolutionary designers who are freaking insane. They had people in chicken suits running around throughout the presentation and unicorns banging on gongs and lots of talk about....strange sexual acts. it was held as a talk show too. sweetness. i decided that my insanity, if channeled right, could actually be useful! their clients include microsoft and wamu, etc. CHECK THEM OUT you won't be sorry! [click on 'censored' hehehe]


YES A 10/10!!! 
im so motivated, thanks everyone for your posts. chin up, go comment on some people's posts, it's really helpful believe it or not.

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