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day 4

so......i am sad. i hate arguing with men. they are so annoying. yes, THEY. some more than others. everything hurts still. it's been so long, over 3 years i think. bleh.
i'm so tired right now and i just ate an apple. i did SO GOOD during the first part of the day dammit!! I HATE LIVING HERE! 
the only thing i'm super excited for is the remodeling downstairs, i just went and took a look and it looks freaking amazing. i can't wait. maybe i can actually have people over WOAHHHHH crazy....

I MEAN SHIT look at the breakdown of my day! HOW DO I STOP THIS!!??

morning/day from 10am-6pm:
-90cal bar thinggie

then when i got home:
-just ate an apple
-a pear
-some meat with sour cream this yummy dish...just a bit of it though
-bunch of creutons again
-bunch of fishy snacks again
-tea with a cookie [again too?!]
-meat pieces with cucumber


dammit 2 more posters to do tonight too...


day 4

day 4 | 3.6lbs | 35/40

was 152.8
now 149.2 [same as yesterday]

Food 0/2

i keep binging when i get home. don't know how to stop. i eat considerably less i feel, but still can't help eating a bunch of little things as i do hmwk.

Water 2/2

still getting good at this drinking thing

Exercise 2/2
i'm using my get out of exersice free card. my calfs are SO sore and i had way too much hmwk today. although i did spend the whole morning walking around galleries downtown, that was wonderful.

Journaling/Posting 2/2
1 min to spare, almost forgot

Daily Self Esteem Challenge 2/2

i was really friendly with EVERYONE today, at least before i got home. extra extra friendly. it was a great first half of the day, as the usual first half goes. sigh.


8/10 but feel yucky

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