readingpirate (readingpirate) wrote,

day 7 update. just to update for now

not much to say about friend had a party and i went to it and didn't do too horribly but still ate some junky food.


day 7 | 4.2lbs | 57/70

was 152.8
now 148.6

[[i didn't weigh myself today because i had no time so i'm just not bothering with it]

Food 0/2
i kind of let go today, but on purpose. my friend was having a party and i ate a bunch of chips, but also a bunch of veggies and this sweet thing. i'm not giving myself any points just because i could have held myself better.....but i don't feel bad about it, because i've been feeling really great.

Water 1/2

this is for my water point from yestesrday because i ended up drinking SO much water during dance but took a point away

Exercise 1/2
i'm giving myself a point but i can't tell you why ;)

Journaling/Posting 0/2
i was busy and our all day and thinking of other things. oh well.

Daily Self Esteem Challenge 2/2
we had to clean something? i'm sure i did that at some point, i've been cleaning a lot recently.

4/10 my worst day yet but i'm ok with that. next week will be INTENSE!

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